In collaboration with Telespazio S.p.A, ACE has developed a software package for the automatic remote control of base-stations for satellite communication.


In collaboration with RAI S.p.A, ACE has developed an automatic control system for the quality of the video signal to be used on the repeater and amplification stations dispersed throughout the national territory.


In collaboration with Space Engineering S.p.A, ACE is developing a software packages, combining accurate electromagnetic modelling with large databases for the fast and accurate determination of the electromagnetic field densities in urban environments. The software is intended for the topological planning of networks and minimisation of the ecological impact of the electromagnetic pollution caused by transmission antennas such as television, radar and personal communication networks (GSM, UMTS etc).


In collaboration with FOS S.p.A, ACE has developed a fast and accurate measurements system of the physical parameters of optical fibres. The system is incorporated in the real time quality control of optical fibres on the production line.

ACE is providing continuous software development and maintenance support to Anritsu S.p.A.